By participating in the Bucknell Digital Scholarship Summer Research program, fellows will be able to:

  • Value the process of creating a digital project (not just the final project, but the steps undertaken to produce a project).
  • Understand the research process and apply research skills to undertake an academic, public-facing digital scholarship project.
  • Write for a public audience on the web.
  • Critically evaluate digital projects for methodology, integration and choice of digital tools, scholarship and design.
  • Contribute documentation of any processes, procedures, tools, and code to benefit the larger digital scholarship community.
  • Participate and engage in the digital scholarship community of practice.

Our interest in developing this program takes its roots from a presentation we attended at the 2016 Bucknell University Digital Scholarship Conference. In the panel presentation “Defining Student Success through Digital Scholarship Initiatives,” students and librarians from Gettysburg College and Lafayette College presented on their librarian-led, student-centered digital scholarship research programs. We thank R.C. Miessler at Gettysburg and Sarah Morris (formerly) at Lafayette for sharing ideas and insights as we planned our program.

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